Containment Barrier Isolator – Class III Biosafety Cabinet

 Containment Barrier Isolator – Class III Biosafety Cabinet
  • Fully welded Stainless steel 316L internal chambers with Stainless steel 304 external housing
  • Exhaust air is double-filtered through high-quality ULPA filters (per IEST-RP-CC-001.3) with typical efficiency of >99.999% for 0.1 to 0.3 micron particles, better than HEPA filters.
  • An integrated pass-through with interlocking doors permits materials transfer without risk of contamination
  • Single-piece, leak-tested glove assemblies which guarantee maximum protection.

Guide to Models


Isolator Unit Model Internal Width No. of Gloves Ports Voltage Code Pressure Airflow NUMBER of PTC Type of PTC Sharps Bin inside
Containment Barrier Isolator CBI Class III Biosafety Cabinet 3 1200mm 2G 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz 8 Negative N Single Pass/Total Exhaust S 1 Left L PTC0 to PTC7 (see PTC legend) with sharps container provision S
1600mm 3G 1 Right R
2000mm 4G 110-120 VAC, 50/60 Hz 9 Both Left and Right B without sharps container provision 0
No PTC 0
4" Split Butterfly Valve (for powder discharge of powder below isolator chamber)    
Adjustable Hydraulic Stand (based on operator ID input)  
Exhaust Box (with automated dampers with inflatable seals or manual with valve)  
Anti-blow back damper box  
Automated Pressure Hold Test  with Client Supplied Compressed Air
with On-board Air Compressor
Bag Welder with Table
Bag-out Port
Bio Dunk Tank
Bag Out Port
Mobile Biodecontamination BioVap TM  
Carbon Filter      
Convertible to Class 1 cabinet      
Integration of small scale aseptic or potent tablet/capsule etc…
Double-sided access  
Manual Drain Ball Valve (for client controlled CIP/WP) must order with inner pass-through inflatable sealed doors.    
Electrical Outlet (IP66) IP 66
ATEX Zone 1/21 (only for internal environment)  
ATEX rating up to zone 1/21 internally only (ATEX fan, “IS” signals for internal door sensor/push button)    
Glove Leak Tester
Formalin Vaporizer (auto neutralization and purge cycle)  
H2O2 Monitoring (sensor is not integrated with HMI)  
Liquid Water Entry / Exit Ports    
N2 Purge for Process Chamber      
Ø250 mm Product Waste Bag Out Ports /      
Battery option to maintain EM interlock during power outage or E Stop
Particle Counter Portable Paricle Counter (Non-viable)  
Microbial Air Samples (Viable Particle Counter)  
Product Waste Entry / Exit Ports    
RTPØ 105, 190, 270 - Alpha
RTPØ 105, 190, 270 - Beta Canister    
RTPØ 105, 190, 270 - Beta Liner    
RTPØ 350, 460 - Alpha, Beta Liner, Beta Canister  
Service Fixtures (Vacuum, Nitrogen, Compressed Air, Nozzle for BioVap) 
Spray Ball (CIP) with Manual Ball Valve      
Spray Gun (WIP) with Manual Ball Valve    
Sterile Continuous Liner  
Sterility Test Pump      
Temperature and Relative Humidity Monitoring (only for process chamber)
Rear view monitor
UV Lamp    
Weighing Scale Granite Slab  
Sharps (inside)      


Analytical Balance
Biosafety Cabinet      
CCTV Camera   
CCTV Camera Provision  
Fume Cabinet Integration      
Vacuum Oven / Tray Dryer integration      
Non C02 Incubator Integration  
CO2  Incubator Integration    
Centrifuge Integration
Drybath Integration      
Esco Sublimate freeze dryer 
Refrigerated Microcentrifuge Integration      
3rd party Freeze dryer